Delayed flight

Delayed flight


It was a sweltering hot day, and the plane just wouldn’t start taxiing on the runway. Vanessa was already in her seat for twenty minutes fanning her face with an iPad.

“Are we going to take off already?” she thought to herself.

The minutes dragged to eternity.

She closed her eyes and tried to get away from the heat, the smell of too many perfumes and colognes, from the noises that inevitably people make when crammed together in a small space.

She felt miserable, and she desperately needed a shower. As she was fanning her face with the eyes closed, her thoughts escaped to her ruined date with a guy she’d had on Friday.

“What a dork,” she found herself whispering sub-vocally. She just wanted a good lay, and the guy just wouldn’t move things forward. He kept talking and talking.

“Oh, god, what a lousy weekend!” Vanessa had nothing to look back to.

And yet, she felt those horny butterflies deep down in her stomach that just wouldn’t leave her alone. She consciously diverted the attention from that feeling, took a deep breath and opened her eyes to face her agonizing reality.

As she opened the eyes, she found herself caught by the stare of a flight attendant. It was evident that he didn’t expect she would open her eyes so suddenly. He smiled nervously and looked away as if nothing happened. But something did happen.

Vanessa just couldn’t deny those butterflies that, at this moment migrated down her sweat soaked pants and engulfed her crotch like a million starlings flocking restlessly.

She suddenly, found herself having two lines of thoughts.

“What am I thinking,” and “I would fuck this guy in the luggage compartment if I had to,” crossed her mind at the same time.

She felt like her body and mind were going to boil. She had to stand up. As she started to walk aft, she saw the flight attendant noticing her being on the move.

She could hear how he followed her with slow, deliberate steps, pausing along the way for a moment to make sure every passenger is ok.

Vanessa’s rational voice kicked in. “Oh, come on, don’t even think about it.”

She approached the toilet doors and stopped for a second. Their glances caught again. He wasn’t tall but looked densely build. She could see the thick vein and tendons on his neck.

“When are we going to take off?” interrupted a lady in the back row breaking their silent interaction.

“I am afraid we will have to wait for at least another 15 minutes” he answered with a deep, calming voice.

Vanessa opened the doors of the toilet, but before she entered his body heat magnetically made her hesitate for another brief second. She turned her head again.

They found each other face to face.

“Are you feeling all right, miss?” he asked with an overly professional tone. She hardly heard what he said. She noticed how intense his look in the eyes was. There was something altogether different in those eyes than that mere professional concern of his. She could somehow feel his body erupting in waves.

“You are deluding yourself,” tried her rational voice one more time to no effect.

She felt like a force deep inside her, those butterflies surfaced to her vocal chords, shaped them without her conscious will and made her more sighing than saying:

“Would you fuck me,” she couldn’t believe her voice. They were both caught off guard. The guy was stunned too. The inner fight was consuming both of them. It erupted from the deep corners of their beings with a potent resolve to let the instincts crush their sense of decency.

It was a “now or never” situation for both. It was an all-in game with her reputation and his job at stake.

He quickly looked around. No one was paying attention, and the other flight attendant was far away in the front opening a bottle of water for an elderly passenger.

They crammed stealthily into the restroom. They could both feel the same disbelief about the situation as well as the same gravitating instinct that pushed them closer and closer.

She could feel how wet she was between her legs and the rising ridge of his cock in the immaculately ironed uniform pants became apparent too.

She made the first move and opened his zipper and took it out.

They both looked deep into each other’s eyes.

She wanted his girth inside herself instantly. She wanted him to keep pushing until she felt his pumping orgasm deep inside her stomach.

Vanessa hastily pulled down her pants and spread her legs. Her buttocks were pressing at an iron edge of the sink.

Everything disappeared in their harmonizing yet forceful contractions. Vanessa felt how he is getting closer and closer. He closed his eyes and started pushing even harder.

She also moved her hips and wanted to make him cum as hard and as quick as possible.

With an able move, he pulled out his cock and turned her around, thrusting it back again and even deeper.

One of his muscular hands reached under her bra, and the other found its way to her clit. As he started to rub and thrust at the same time, Vanessa felt that immense pleasure of being desired, craved for and her body responded with a visceral rush of pleasurable streams.

Finally, his breathing paused for a moment, and Vanessa felt the vigorous squirts inside her. She savored the moment and felt like the elusive doors of eternity opened for those brief seconds as their bodies were moving of their own accord. He kept rubbing her clit as his cock was pulsing in contractions. A moment later she climaxed. All the sensations of sweat, heat, stalled air, and the annoying flight were still there, but she couldn’t care less. Waves of pleasure were caressing all the dimensions of her being.

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She came to the next moment. His semen was dripping out of her pussy, and he was zipping up his pants. She wiped her crotch, and they both tried to get decent ASAP.

He cautiously opened the doors.

“It seems like everything is fine,” he whispered as he turned back to her and the next moment he slipped through the doors ably as a cunning fox.

She found herself alone in the toilet trying to get her thoughts together.

“WTF, just happened?” Vanessa felt almost surreal.

She washed her hands and felt like she has awakened from a dream. There was still a paper tissue soaked with the semen. She flushed, opened the doors and mooned back to her seat.

She started fanning her face again and closed her eyes. The butterflies seemed to settle. A minute later she opened her eyes.
There he was, just standing there. They looked each other briefly, and a faint smile went over their lips.